Our respite Program allows families and caregivers raising or caring for a child with a mental health diagnosis or developmental delays to have a break from caregiving.

These are vital in-home supports to families & caregiver caring for the person in need. Our respite caregiver supervises the person needing care, so that the primary caregiver can rest, run errands, socialize or whatever else they would like to use the break for. 

This is one way we can empower and support families and caregivers by enabling a much-needed break in the responsibility of caring for a child with significant developmental delays, behavioral or emotional disorders.

These services are also available for adoptive families for their qualified adopted children and caregivers caring for adults who qualify for our respite program.

Medicaid Waivers and Programs

New Insights In Home Support program is a Medicaid approved provider for Respite services on the following waivers. Medicaid Members who are on these waivers, or their guardians, can work with their Case Manager to authorize New Insights In Home Support program to provide these services through their waiver funding. 

Intellectual Disability Waiver (ID)

Brain Injury Waiver (BI)

CMH Waivers (H)

For more information on the services offered, contact us at contact@newinsightswellnesscenter.com
or by phone at 319-351-1754.