We offer a variety of diverse and stimulating supported living environments for people with differing needs, capabilities and personal goals-within comfortable environment and appropriate settings. We provide the structure and support necessary to ensure the richest possible quality of life.

Supported Community Living

These services are tailored for individuals with developmental or intellectual disability and Brain Injury and other related disabilities.

Support services can range from few hours a week to daily support.

These services allow individuals to live with their families or friends or a home of their own choosing in relation to each individual needs.

One of our main focus in serving members is their community connections (in addition to helping them build a circle of support) so that the members are able to fully experience all that their community has to offer. To this end we employ counselors with the knowledge of the community to spur these connections.

We also assist members in finding New Housing or Living Arrangements if that is their identified goal or a current need in our three locations of: Johnson, Linn and Polk county.

As one of the challenges for the members receiving services is finding affordable housing opportunities, New Insights has teamed up with local landlords and property managers and developed a network of connections that allow members to find housing in the neighborhood of their own choosing from a variety of homes.

SCL specific individual goals & experiences

One of the best thing with Our SCL program is that nearly anything you are interested in as a member can be made into a new goal or a new experience, as long as it is essential to your wellness and happiness. We can create a plan that is member specific and focused on your individual goals and experiences. As a member, you can work with your Case Manager and Care Team to build a service plan that’s right for you. Your ideas and suggestions and those of your guardians and your loved ones are all important and can be incorporated into your service plan.

Supported Community Living Focus

New Insights Community Services, Supported Community Living Program focus is to provide specialized support to allow persons we serve to maintain and improve their independence.

Supported Community Living services are designed to focus on skill building for individuals who need support with activities of daily living or integration in the community.

We provide coaching and mentoring (teach personal advocacy and communication skills) to the members with an aim of improving their independence to help them live their best lives.

We ensure individuals with disabilities are living a life of independence as we walk alongside to help them achieve their personal goals, both in their home and in their community.

Medicaid Waivers and Programs

New Insights Community Services SCL program is a Medicaid approved provider for Hourly and Daily SCL on the following waivers. Medicaid Members who are on these waivers, or their guardians, can work with their Case Manager to authorize New Insights SCL program to provide these services through their waiver funding.

Intellectual Disability Waiver (ID)

Brain Injury Waiver (BI)

Making a Referral

For more information on the services offered, contact us at contact@newinsightswellnesscenter.com or
by phone at 319-351-1754.