New Insights Wellness Center provides Therapy & Counseling Services And Leading Edge Supports To People Living With Disabilities & Mental Health Needs Across The State Of Iowa.

We Believe In Community Building And Strength!

By providing mental health services like the assessments, therapy, BHIS supports and services to individuals living with disabilities & mental health needs we help build and strengthen our community.

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Professional services

Behavioral Health Intervention Services (BHIS)

Few things you should know about Behavioral Health Intervention Services (BHIS):
These services are free to families with Medicaid and are known as: Behavioral Health Intervention Services. 

These services help kids learn developmentally appropriate ways to manage their behaviors at home and at school including when in the community.

We have a team of counselors using interventions designed to improve the individual’s level of functioning.

The interventions we are using at New Insights Wellness Center may include: behavior management, communication skills, relationship skills and problem solving skills and many others including help with adjusting in new environment or culture.

These are home-based skill building services (and now offered through Telehealth also) that helps children and teens learn to make healthy and positive choices.

We are accepting referrals and our waitlist is filling fast

Our friendly staff will

help you with the paperwork.

Fill out our therapy intake forms (or request access to the portal to fill out forms there) and our intake coordinator will call you or email you to go over the next step. Please complete and email to


Child Intake Form

Adolescent Intake Form

Adult Intake Form

General Referral Form


Remember that, small changes can result in big improvements.

Joe K. Mungai!